Visual artist and software engineer, Helena Sarin has always been working with cutting edge technologies, first at Bell Labs, designing commercial communication systems, and for the last few years as an independent consultant, developing computer vision software using deep learning. While she has always worked in tech, Helena has been doing commission work in watercolor and pastel as well as in the applied arts like fashion, food and drink styling and photography.

But art and software ran as parallel tracks in her life, all her art being analog... until she discovered GANs (Generative Adversarial Networks). Since then generative models became her primary medium.

She is a frequent speaker at ML/AI conferences, for the past year delivering invited talks at MIT, Library of Congress and Capitol One.


Her artwork was exhibited at AI Art exhibitions in Zurich, Dubai, Oxford, Shanghai and Miami, and was featured in number of publications including the Jan 2020 issue of “Art In America” magazine.

With pretty much all of her 2020 exhibitions and talks cancelled or postponed until 2021,

Helena is using this time of lockdown as an opportunity to work on a few artists books, each featuring her AI artwork.